our rustic bright towel in a fancy kitchen via Remodelista

our brass as seen in Food and Wine

our pop up at Fog Linen including the curry stand on the last afternoon


Auntie Oti + Goop

goop red stripe napkin goop blue stripe napkin

our home studio featured in Japan’s Plus 1 Living



this from a NY Times feature regarding Indian spices stored in copper containers.

here an elaborately stunning gift from mother to son; our version in copper or brass spices in copper containers

Kim Ficaro with Eye Swoon and our white napkins



blue rustic towels
featured in
Food and Wine

family store visit :


Better Homes and Gardens
city market

attended the peanut festival in Bangalore 
besides peanuts for sale, there were also many toy vendors
here are some pieces i collected seen from my front step

sari through the window screen
spotted by a friend of Auntie :
Warm, NYC window display

my last breakfast in India was at the 110 year old Chandravilas restaurant. I had fafda (above) made from chick pea flour and dipped in sauce.

a peek into the kitchen.

after making the mistake of leaving for a few minutes, I returned to find my napkin washers like this.

little dobby towel at work covering the rising biscuit dough