our visit to khadi weaving village in Rajasthan

day trip to Jaipur khadi institutions

visiting weaving villages in West Bengal where much of our fine count khadi is from

the hand dye process demonstrated

spinning and dyeing rooms

grounds of khadi institute

*August 7th is national handloom day in India*


weaving still lifecolor still lifew

road trip day 2 :

Metaphor Racha weavers

please come inw empty loomw metaphor racha stripesw skeinsw weaving studio warpw wheel at restw green workshop doorsw metaphor racha on the loomw khadi still lifew spinning picturew weaver and loom

redsred khadi ballw spinning wheel w tomatosw spice stall candiesw bedside chocolatesw tiny orange flowerw monkey w pompadorw floor medallionw red stoolw lockedw red warp and ropew

the beautiful compound at Karnataka khadi institute, day 3 of our road trip with Metaphor Rachaman in doorwayw electric boxesw weaveing herow shutters and rocksw lunch bellw khadi weavers clockw pink staircasew spinning wheelw closed shuttersw scalew hand pointingw sunshinew 50w hot weaverw


turning raw cotton into roving :

cotton baledw

bales of cotton from local farmsbales of cotton

the cotton is fluffed and impurities removedfluffing cottonw

and turned into battingcotton battingw

the batting is fed into a machine that makes it into thick rovingbatting into rovingw

which is then wound herecotton roving2w

then hand fed into machines turning it in into finer gauge roving for hand spinningmaking finished rovingw



6 spindle2 bottles with stoppersw spoolsw striped sacksw gandhi tote bagsw tilesw

day trip :
Tamil Nadu
mecca of all things plaid
we found rustic brights in every color
piles of plaid khadi lungis
and stripe gauze towels on the loom

bhadanavala khadi spinners
photo courtesy of Ravi Kiran at metaphor racha

yesterday we stumbled upon a khadi operation in the heart of the city :

the top floor of the building was devoted entirely to 
illustrating the life of Gandhi through numerous photographs

huge stockpiles of heavy weight cotton khadi;
some of the yarn was spun on the premises

twisting hand spun silk into 2 ply yarn for weaving outside the city

khadi excursion via Metaphor Racha

the children of the village:

weaver in banyan and lungi

crochet doorway hanging

family in front of spool rack

family with unwound skeins

weavers have a late afternoon chat with Babanaa who organizes the group

the weavers in this village get spun and dyed yarns from other neighboring points. women do the job of unwinding the skeins of yarn onto spools, using spinning wheels made from old bicycle wheels.

threading the spools onto a rack, the weaver makes the warp 12″ at a time.

weaving some brown napkins which we will have in stock soon.

the rope in the weaver’s hand is pulled to throw the shuttle from side to side in an amazingly rhythmic and musical way, happening so fast it is hard to see the shuttle flying. the yarn on the spools strung behind the sheds are used to repair broken warp threads.

the weaver’s looms have been passed down through the family; many are over 100 years old. they hold a place of honor in each home.