hand quilters
the quiet beauty in all things work

our man on the ground, Venugopal

one of our retailers of Auntie Oti featured by The Shopkeepers:


thanks for the lovely pictures of our things

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a big thanks to Chandrashekar and Ravi Kiran of Metaphor Racha for a great trip

chatting w weaversW

last stop :

dhurrie weaving collective


Ravi Kiran with village childrenravi with pile of kidsw

road trip day 2 :

Metaphor Racha weavers

please come inw empty loomw metaphor racha stripesw skeinsw weaving studio warpw wheel at restw green workshop doorsw metaphor racha on the loomw khadi still lifew spinning picturew weaver and loom

road trip with Metaphor Racha to Pondicherry

empty stallsweb bicycle arm

sewing-machingone of the machines that makes our khadi quilts at Metaphor Racha


why is our block printed bedding special?

we use 100% cotton khadi for all our bedding.

our prints are traditional motifs from our block printers archives.

our printer is a second generation woman owned company,

working in a beautiful jungle like setting in the middle of the city.

we think this all leads to good dreams and a restful night’s sleep.

studio visit and dinner with
Metaphor Racha



go green!
Mr V with his new Baggu carry bag

come see us at our newest venue :

Leigh DeLeonardo has just opened her new shop 
in collaboration with a small group of designers

Auntie Oti will offer special pieces not available elsewhere
as well as a large selection of favorites from the collection

metaphor racha website launch
contributor profile :
Venugopal M. 
(aka Mr. V)

Venugopal heads up our India office, sourcing 
khadi and all manner of other hard to attain items.

Raised in Kerela, he was obsessed with Tarzan comics 
which lead him to swing from trees. 
Currently a connoisseur of American action films.
Since joining Auntie Oti, he has become addicted to 
Yogi Soap and short sleeve khadi shirts.

a sampling of the vintage khadi prints 
being stockpiled at metaphor racha :

partners Ravi Kiran and Chandrashekar
have a deep dedication to hand-spun hand-woven fabrics,  
traveling extensively throughout southern India
finding khadi societies with which to collaborate.

Auntie Oti is eternally grateful to be a small part of their world and their vision

khadi designers andAuntie Oti collaborators 
metaphor racha
and their new shop in Bangalore
ever wonder who created the Auntie Oti graphic identity? Dan McMahon, of Strawberry Malitia of London, via Brooklyn, of course!

Dan – industrial designer, escape artist, graphic designer, magician, and art student, is now staring in a Russian soap commercial. take a look :