Jaisalmer royals

fun and faded old school Jaymahal Palace Hotel



neutrals and soft light


apartment hotel Shinjuku was our home away from home

filled with antiques and quirks, a teeny tiny kitchenette and a big cozy bed

delicious DIY hotel room breakfasts and snacks thanks to 7-11

random things i loved

our home studio featured in Japan’s Plus 1 Living



my out of office office

mobile officew


why is our block printed bedding special?

we use 100% cotton khadi for all our bedding.

our prints are traditional motifs from our block printers archives.

our printer is a second generation woman owned company,

working in a beautiful jungle like setting in the middle of the city.

we think this all leads to good dreams and a restful night’s sleep.

sneak peek :
new pillowcase/duvet prints in red

this week’s NY Magazine best bet pick
at Pilgrim Surf + Supply
in the works :
cotton khadi block printed 
pillowcases in 3 colors

home away from home

Gandhiji’s room, Gandhi Ashram, Ahmedabad.

a somewhat guilty looking “cozyness tester” in the blankets awaiting the wash