my new favorite museum : Intermediatheque in Tokyo

Tokyo Sunday flea market

our pop up at Fog Linen including the curry stand on the last afternoon



our host Yumiko of Fog Linen Work with her trusty Mini

random things i loved

the view from our seemingly endless road trip

temples in Bengal

visiting weaving villages in West Bengal where much of our fine count khadi is from

the hand dye process demonstrated

spinning and dyeing rooms

grounds of khadi institute

Sunday afternoon in Kolkata

amber fort

jaipur flower market


back to Jaipur

oh color!


the big story this trip was the demonetization of the 500 and 1000 rupee note

seen here a typical atm line

the problem is still not under control and many people are suffering


we are heading east!

Tokyo Pop Up Shop December 5-9

at Fog Linen Work Tokyo


if you missed us at NY NOW here are some highlights


photo by Kikuko Usuyamacover dress

at home
Javits Center
August 21-24
fall 2016

*August 7th is national handloom day in India*


i leave India as the rains arrive-goodbye until next time

man walking large cloudsmotorcycles in rainstorm


why do i love Koshy’s so very much?

so few places are as unselfconscious yet full of interesting dynamic people from all walks of life chatting debating eating and drinking from early morning until late at night in an atmosphere that looks as if it has not changed since it first opened in 1940

koshy's web tea and lime sodaweb




color is everywhere

red graffiti pink against chain link little orange flowers blue siding little orange flowers blue painted wood


shopping baby

leaving the station

waiting group waiting group2 passing trains blue train

landscape passing by the train window

storm clouds landscape 9 landscape5 landscape7 landscape6 landscape 8 landscape4

train crossing

cycle and popcicles father and son and goats


houses and buildings seen through the train window

layers2 spooky eyesearth tones layers hand on hip bright green building laundry with blue door teal house with palm hot pink roof pink scarf and stripe goats against lavender

colorful buildings as seen approaching the city through the train window

beige blue green buildings red green building turquose and red houses very red building screens orange burgundy buildlings drums green pink buildings red green building

random beautiful things

Gandhiji black dog white tail frond windows sunday swim

pretty stuff

petals plant at lunch canteen purple vine small wire string of lights red scale




Sunday at the zoo

stepping over the curb look out! one man two womenjpg mr v posinglittle boygrandmaexotic flower toysfamily salute crocodilecolorful family2tender coconuts in rainstormbored sister carts camoflage flexible man pink sari from the back colorful family barrel umbrellas

on the street :


stools swimming pools balloon seller

on the street :

blues and greens

fabric door green pillars blue flower baskets mangos streetside blue tires green door

on the street :


doorway with pink and green white scooter two tuktuks and a motorcycle crosses grill waiting on the street white cow open door white wall

a tranquil spot amidst chaos

museum garden

market colorsyellow marigold still life bags of flowers blue bowls golds cubes yellow cubes

basket oF orange roses pink cubes pink bags of flowers pink sari pink flowers waiting in line

flower sellers peppers tuberroses and roses bag of red

paan big green leaves motar and pestle green leaves banana leaf vendor green sari blouse tuberroses vendor with blue foil garland seller blue awning sticks bag wallah GFS locks paan seller



bananas and blue wallyellow bananas green bananas on pegs bananas on pegsbanana spiral

my dream car

webgrey car


green curb metal siding red pattern web

the fantastic Green Hotel Mysore

the green hotel rose petals two wicker chairsside garden ceiling fan double chair2brown doors back door double chair plants door in arch window and curtain coleus pots hotel breakfast coleus

fun food

silver with red lassi list banana juice south indian meal

a visit to FUNWORLD

funworld not red bathing suit ticket booth water slide water jets very scary 12 legs

signs and graphicsnow open yellow arrow no parking blow turban blue writing sign in Kannada man stickerbrick wall ice creams ice cream with purple two ice creams


unripe mangosgreen mangos mangosmangos3 mangos2 mangos5 mango bowl


blue plaid lungi two ladies boys in blue plastic cart group of ladies