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food and wine

our brass as seen in Food and Wine

trip to Tokyo

lucky us-we were invited to have a weeklong pop up shop at Fog Linen Work in Tokyo thank you to Yumiko and her wonderful staff for hosting us-we miss you!


Tokyo shop fronts and other things

Tokyo stuff

Tokyo shopping

bear pond

ex New Yorkers via Tokyo, owners of Bear Pond Espresso


apartment hotel Shinjuku was our home away from home filled with antiques and quirks, a teeny tiny kitchenette and a big cozy bed

best restaurant ever

this is a photo of the best restaurant ever…sadly i don’t know the name or how to find it again cooking serving and washing dishes done all by one man; the food a blend of cultures and flavors

eating out

eating out



delicious food



delicious DIY hotel room breakfasts and snacks thanks to 7-11


my new favorite museum : Intermediatheque in Tokyo

flea market

Tokyo Sunday flea market

Fog Linen pop up

our pop up at Fog Linen including the curry stand on the last afternoon  


Tokyo! our host Yumiko of Fog Linen Work with her trusty Mini

random bits and pieces

random things i loved


the view from our seemingly endless road trip

temples in Bengal

temples in Bengal

weaver visits

visiting weaving villages in West Bengal where much of our fine count khadi is from

dye process

the hand dye process demonstrated

spinning rooms

spinning and dyeing rooms

khadi institution visits

grounds of khadi institute

sunday afternoon in Kolkata

Sunday afternoon in Kolkata

amber fort

amber fort

flower market

jaipur flower market




back to Jaipur


oh color!

back in india-atm

  the big story this trip was the demonetization of the 500 and 1000 rupee note seen here a typical atm line the problem is still not under control and many people are suffering