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metaphor racha website launch

big love for the new fringe towels that just arrived in bleached white finely woven and quick drying making them  perfect for the summer weather and big enough to wear around the house after your bath

The Hindu’s article : Khadi Does the Catwalk takes a look at Indian designers  and their use of khadi


namaste to the staff at the Circle

day trip : Tamil Nadu mecca of all things plaid we found rustic brights in every color piles of plaid khadi lungis and stripe gauze towels on the loom

contributor profile : Venugopal M.  (aka Mr. V) Venugopal heads up our India office, sourcing  khadi and all manner of other hard to attain items. Raised in Kerela, he was obsessed with Tarzan comics  which lead him to swing from trees.  Currently a connoisseur of American action films. Since joining Auntie Oti, he has become […]

studio pug!