Monthly Archives: December 2012

our block printer’s workshop

fun care instructions: first wash dry clean only wash separately in cold water dry in shaded place only hand wash

see our visit with United Bamboo here : 

the most luxurious soap in the world : made of neem and tulsi, wrapped in a leaf, making the softest white lather with a heavenly scent available in february!

city market

last day with the metaphor racha design team. Ravi Kirin and Chandrashekar have dedicated themselves to merging modern design  with traditional indian textiles, working exclusively in khadi. for spring 13 the three of us have designed  a new range of clothing and accessories for Auntie Oti. we started our day with idilis at the New Modern […]

attended the peanut festival in Bangalore  besides peanuts for sale, there were also many toy vendors here are some pieces i collected seen from my front step

sari through the window screen

new samples for spring : block printed smocks in red or gold on unbleached khadi gauze

sneak peek : new pillowcase/duvet prints in red

woolen cap

textures on the go

what’s new : Ecent sandal wood soap

view from room #7

the perfect tea cup

inspirational block printed crazy quilt

shades of white

passed on the way to the shawl shop

an astounding array of books on Indian textiles can be found at the Art Book Center near Ellis Bridge in Ahmedabad

along the road

new small cotton blankets fancy blankets in blue gauzy stripe gamchas

rainy night dinner

new picks

flying mirror god

new jacquard throws


the 5 minute walk from my guest house to the main road

things in my room

union jack