Monthly Archives: June 2012

spotted by a friend of Auntie : Warm, NYC window display with rustic towels

home and unpacking : new cashmere shawls hung out to dry

personal splurge : clothes from Metaphor

Sunday drive

Indian textile fun fact : did you know that traditionally baby clothes were  made from the old clothes of family members?  this would insure that the fabrics were  nicely softened and free of irritants.  

drying khadi

auto rickshaw interiors :

having ice creams after dinner

always dreaming of having my own Ape as a khadi-mobile

seen between the tailor shop and the atm

new : flower dust sachets

studio day with  metaphor racha

urban jungle

way out

new : sandalwood paste in tiny glass jars

in the works : cotton khadi block printed  pillowcases in 3 colors gold charcoal blue

the goods : fun new graphic dupattas nylon totes and Auntie Oti brings home a new scent :  Night in Paris

spotted while shopping :

lungi dhoti

self portrait