Monthly Archives: May 2012

paper flowers

holy water

just found : fantastic new picnic blankets in heavy cotton khadi

yesterday we stumbled upon a khadi operation in the heart of the city : the top floor of the building was devoted entirely to illustrating the life of Gandhi through numerous photographs huge stockpiles of heavy weight cotton khadi; some of the yarn was spun on the premises twisting hand spun silk into 2 ply yarn for weaving outside […]

new cotton khadi shawls with prints that recall  the american southwest and northern europe

khadi fellow

block printing: day two continued

meeting point :  flat repair shop

happy meal

block printing: day two

block printing on khadi day one

seen while walking today

herbal dyes


early Sunday morning


golden ribbon

home away from home

bell jars

bells ribbon lassi cups

khadi gang

artificial flower market

juice cart

khadi fellow

bus logo

sugar cane juice

commonly used in place of the American “you’re welcome”

bandhani full face covering for the heat of the day

tower of rustic towels

dupatta dealers

rickshaw wisdom

street of shiny things at night

visit to certified herbal dye house: khadi drying after natural bleaching process dye machinery trolly full of dhotis waiting to be dyed

my driver

bumpy inspiration

back in India!